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cdrlabel can speak your language! It's as easy as 1..2..3 to get started:

  1. Install cdrLabel
  2. Download and run one of the language installers (about 78KB)
  3. Start cdrLabel and all menus and prompts in your own language!
Language Translator %
 FR French (France) Staff 100%
 DE German (Germany) mattenkalle 100%
 ES Spanish (Spain) Yeray Gonzalez Camacho 100%
 NL Dutch (Nederlands) Fred Pieters 100%
 SK Slovak (Slovak Republic) IPT 100%
 RO Romanian (Romania) Flavius Criste 100%
 IT Italian (Italy) Dario De Judicibus and Dario Paganini 100%
 IT Italian (Italy) - MDV Dario De Judicibus and Marco De Vitis 100%
 PL Polish (Poland) Waldemar Zyzañski 100%
 RU Russian (Russia) Ed FOX and Andre Yver 100%
 HU Hungarian (Hungary) Jozsef Tamas Herczeg 100%
 DK Danish (Denmark) Niels Mathiasen 100%
 CA Catala (Catalan) Vernta Llat 100%
 PT Portuguese (Portugal) João Augusto Reguengo Franco e Rui Julio 100%
 LT Lithuanian Viktors Kriukovas 100%
 TW Chinese (Traditional) Douglas Tsai 100%
 SW Svenska (Sweden) Ulf Torstensson 100%
 SM Serbian (Serbia and Montenegro) Brankovic Aleksandar 100%
 CZ Czech (Czech Republic) AMF 90%

Translating cdrLabel To Your Language

Some of the DLLs above are not completely translated due to the version 7.0 upgrade. If you would like to finish off the translation (about 40 strings or so) send us a note and check out the source files.

cdrLabel Localization Files (39k)

If your language is not listed above, you can translate cdrLabel and have your DLL placed here by downloading the file below. It contains a README.TXT describing what is necessary for the translation. If you have Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 or Visual C++ .NET you can compile the DLL yourself with the included project to try it out. If not, just email us the modified file and we'll be happy to compile it. Once all strings are translated email us it and we'll put it online for all users.

If you decide to translate cdrLabel, please drop us an email before you begin because we may be able to put you in contact with others who have already started the translation to your language.